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Demystifying Gemstones: Natural vs Genuine vs Lab-Created Gems

by Cuco Jewelry on July 31, 2023


In the world of gemstones, there exists a spectrum of options ranging from natural to genuine to lab-created gemstones. Understanding the differences between these categories is crucial for gemstone enthusiasts and buyers alike. In this blog post, we will delve into the nuances that set natural, genuine, and lab-created gemstones apart, enabling you to make informed decisions when purchasing these exquisite stones.

Natural Gemstones

Natural gemstones are formed through geological processes over millions of years. They are created deep within the Earth's crust and brought to the surface through volcanic activity or tectonic movements. Natural gemstones undergo minimal human intervention during their formation, and their intrinsic beauty lies in their natural flaws, inclusions, and unique characteristics.

Genuine Gemstones

The term "genuine" is often used interchangeably with "natural," but it holds a subtly different meaning. While natural gemstones are inherently genuine, not all genuine gemstones are natural. Genuine gemstones refer to those stones that possess the same physical and chemical properties as their natural counterparts but may have undergone some treatments or enhancements to improve their appearance or durability. These treatments can include heat treatment, irradiation, and filling of surface-reaching fractures.

Lab-Created Gemstones

Unlike natural and genuine gemstones, lab-created gemstones are grown in controlled laboratory environments. Scientists use advanced technology to recreate the conditions found in nature, resulting in gemstones that mimic their natural counterparts in every way. These lab-created gemstones possess the same chemical composition, physical properties, and optical characteristics as their natural counterparts. However, they are usually more affordable, as their production costs are lower than those of natural gemstones.

Differences between Natural, Genuine, and Lab-Created Gemstones

1. Origin: Natural gemstones originate from the Earth's crust, whereas lab-created gemstones are grown in laboratories under controlled conditions.

2. Formation: Natural gemstones undergo geological processes over millions of years, while lab-created gemstones are produced through accelerated processes that mimic nature.

3. Rarity: Natural gemstones are scarce and occur in limited quantities, making them more valuable and desirable. In contrast, lab-created gemstones offer a more consistent supply and are more affordable due to their controlled production.

4. Flaws and Inclusions: Natural gemstones often contain natural flaws, inclusions, and unique characteristics that give them their individuality. Lab-created gemstones, on the other hand, have fewer imperfections since they are grown in controlled environments.

5. Price: Natural gemstones, particularly those of high quality and rarity, tend to be more expensive due to their limited supply and unique characteristics. Lab-created gemstones offer an affordable alternative without compromising on their aesthetic appeal.


Natural, genuine, and lab-created gemstones each have their own distinctive features and appeal. Natural gemstones hold a distinct allure with their unique imperfections and rarity, making them highly sought after by collectors and lovers of fine jewelry. Genuine gemstones, although not always natural, offer similar physical and chemical properties, enhanced through treatments to improve their quality. Lab-created gemstones provide an affordable option that closely mimics the appearance and properties of natural gemstones. Understanding the differences between these categories allows consumers to make informed decisions when selecting gemstones that align with their preferences and budget.

Remember, whether you choose natural, genuine, or lab-created gemstones, the most important factor is to choose what appeals to you personally. Each of these gemstone categories offers a wonderful array of colors, brilliance, and beauty that can complement and accentuate your individual style.

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